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MORN LIFT vertical cargo lift is a guide-rail-type freight elevator. It’s also called goods lift, floor lift or mezzanine goods lift which is specialist for goods loading and offloading in multi-story buildings. It has up to 6000kg capacity that enables users to move goods alone or on crates, trolleys or pallets safely and efficiently between two or more floors and suits numerous requirements and applications within buildings, such as warehouses, stores, factories and workshops.

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Get A Bespoke Lifting Solution

We offer bespoke solutions to solve complex handling & lifting challenges. Our engineers can design a robust and economical lift for you, based on your load capacity, lifting height and dimension of work site.

Hot Selling Cargo Lifts

Two Post Cargo Lift

Lifting height: 2500-10500mm

Load capacity: not more than 1000kg

Platform size: not more than 2.5㎡

Four Post Cargo Lift

Lifting height: 2500-10500mm

Load capacity: not more than 6000kg

Platform size: not more than 6.25㎡

Cargo Lift With Metal Mesh

Lifting height: 3000-10000mm

Loading capacity: not more than 5000kg

Platform size: not more than 15㎡

Bespoke Models

All MORN LIFT cargo lifts can be customized in load capacity, lifting height, dimensions and colors, affordable and durable. Contact us to get a bespoke lifting solution now.

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Cargo Lift Applications

Our cargo lifts, residential freight lifts, material lifts can be installed in warehouses, storehouses, factories, workshops, restaurants, retail stores, etc. MORN LIFT offers a range of lifting, moving, and handling products to a wide variety of industries in China and around the world.

cargo lift with metal mesh application
four post cargo lift application
goods lift application
two post cargo lift application


More Capacity – Allow workers to transport up to 6000kg of stock from ground floor, to two or three floors with goods lifts.

Avoid Injury Manual handling is responsible for 1 in 3 injuries at work. Remove the risk with mechanical aids.

Efficient Working – Save time and effort spent on moving stock around your buildings for more efficient operations.

Prevent Damage  Goods can be damaged when the weight gets too much. Avoid damage to goods with easy movement.

Space Efficiency – Make the most of vertical storage space with our wide range of cargo lifts.

Easy to use – With straightforward controls, almost anyone can use our cargo lifts with minimal training required.

Why Choose Us

Our cargo lifts feature with high safety and durable quality to offer longer service time and minimum downtime. Safety features are as follows.

Limit Switch:

Two units of travel switch are installed at the highest point of guide rails of cargo lift as a safety guarantee.

Anti-Falling System (Optional):

This system can prevent the platform from falling down if any accident happens.

Safety Factor:

The safety factor of our cargo lift is 125%.

why choose our cargo lift
Spillover Valve:

It can adjust the pressure to prevent high pressure caused by platform moving up.

Stable Platform:

The platform has anti-skid surface with checkered plate which prevents crates, pallets or forklifts from moving during lifting process.

Emergency Decline Valve:

This valve can lower the platform down if emergency or power failure happens.

Production Process

production process

Packing & Shipping

shot blasting
Shot Blasting
paint spraying
Paint Spraying
cargo lift parts fixing
Parts Fixing
machine protection before hoisting
Machine Protection before Hoisting
container loading for cargo lift
Container Loading
cargo lift fastening
Maching Fastening
container sealing
Container Sealing
transportation tracking
Transportation Tracking


cargo lift certificates


  • A good cargo elevator has an emergency decline. If the operator encounters an emergency, can he or she can make the cargo lift go down by emergency decline.
  • Chain model: the chain model of a good cargo lift will change according to the cargo elevator, load capacity, and lift height.
  • Interlocksystem: only when the platform door is well closed, the lift will start
  • Hydraulic cylinder: it should have an anti-explosion valve in the cylinder. If the oil tube has a breakage, the valve will block the oil.
  • If the cargo elevator is installed outdoors, a goodpainting is important for long service life.
  • The lead rail cargo lift has twokinds of installation mode. The first one is to install the lift on the ground, and the ramp is added for easy loading and unloading. The second one is to fix the lift in a Normally the depth of a pit should be 20mm. We will recommend a best installation mode based on your site.
  • Best of all, the lead railcargo lift is customized according to different work requirements. It is meticulously designed and manufactured with our more than 20 years of expertise. A bespoke cargo lift is also an affordable lifting solution for you.

The cargo lift can be fixed on the ground floor or into one pit. To prepare a pit, below is some advice for your reference:

  • Foundation:
  1. Pouring concrete (C30)in 400mm depth.
  2. Embedded angle made of steel should be 50*50*5mm to ground the foundation.
  3. The embedded conduit between power supply and foundation should be determined carefully.
  • Pit size: dependon the platform size.
  1. Ensure the platform level is okay when concreting.
  2. The size of the hole should be kept straight with the ground hole being vertical.
  3. Size of the embedded part should be 1600*400*14mm.
  4. Put the entrenched part into foundation when concreting, at the side of the lead rail for fixation.
  5. Keep the foundation dry; if wet or water comes in accidentally, please prepare adrainage pipe.
  • Firstly, the cargo lift should be assembled correctly todo a couple of load tests.
  • Secondly,please ensure the voltage of power supply is the same with the power unit of your lift. If not, please use voltage converter to adjust it or contact the manufacturer directly.
  • Thirdly, please ensure the hydraulic pipe is connected well with cylinders and oil box. If any oil leaks, replace the pipe or tighten the nut firmly.
  • Please check all oil lines are in good condition and make sure there is enough hydraulic oil in the power unit.
  • Start the cargo lift and it’splatform may rise or fall slowly at first use. Please don’t worry! This is because of new cylinders and their parts. All will be better after a short of If you come across any technical problems, please contact us. Our professional team will offer help immediately.
  • Before operating a cargo lift, please carefullycheck the following parts: safety rope, hydraulic oil pipe, electric connection, limit switch, emergency stop.
  • Goods to be transported should be in the center of the cargo lift, and should not exceed the lift’s platform. The platform door of a cargo lift prevents the goods from slidingout during lifting up and down.
  • The operators should be trained on the operation of cargo lift.
  • If you get into some mechanical problems, immediately stop the cargo lift. The mechanical problems may include the following:
  1. Goods lift for sale cannot lift up or down.
  2. There are intense vibration and noiseduring the lift moving.
  3. Any person who operatesthe lift should be alert on these emergencies.
  • Suggested optional parts:
  1. Overload warning.
  2. Metal mesh cove
  3. Anti-falling
  4. Platform door with interlockdevice.
  • Do not overload the lift.Each cargo lift has its own safe load capacity, and the overload limiter or torque limiter is installed in the lift to prevent overloads. It should also be installed from the ceiling position to prevent excessive volume to pull off the rope.
  • Replace the damagedwire rope timely to prevent accidents. The new wire rope should has the same type and size with the original one. If you use a different type, ensure that the new rope has equivalent lifting performance, and can match the drum and pulley groove.
  • Rope twist should be consistent with the direction of the spiral groove rope reel. Single winding rope guide should be set up to prevent chaos of

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