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Our advanced custom scissor lift tables are designed and constructed for performance and reliability. Typically scissor lift tables are used to raise large, heavy loads through relatively small distances. Common applications include pallet handling, vehicle loading and work positioning. Hydraulic Lift tables are a recommended way to help reduce incidents and injuries by correctly re-positioning work at a suitable height for operators.

The Best Scissor Lift Tables, Affordable Hydraulic Lifts for Sale at Cost Price

Get A Bespoke Lifting Solution

At MORN LIFT, bespoke solutions are offered to solve complex handling & lifting challenges. Just tell us your load capacity, lifting height and dimension of work site, and our engineers can design a robust and economical lift for you.

Hot Selling Scissor Lift Tables

Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table

Lifting height: 860-6400mm

Loading capacity: not more than 3000kg

Platform size: not more than 28㎡

Scissor Dock Lift

Lifting height: 700-1500mm

Loading capacity: not more than 10000kg

Platform size: not more than 7.2㎡

Standard Scissor Lift Table

Lifting height: 810-1478mm

Loading capacity: not more than 4000kg

Platform size: not more than 2.4㎡

1-Deck Scissor Car Lift

Lifting height: 3000-6000mm

Loading capacity: not more than 5000kg

Platform size: not more than 16.9㎡

2-Deck Scissor Car Lift

Lifting height: 2000-3400mm

Loading capacity: Customized

Platform size: Customized

Rotary Scissor Car Lift

Lifting height: 300-1500mm

Loading capacity: not more than 3000kg

Scissor Table Diameter: 5000mm

Bespoke Models

All MORN LIFT scissor lift tables can be customized in load capacity, lifting height, dimensions and colors, affordable and durable. Contact us to get a bespoke lifting solution now.

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Scissor Lift Table Applications

Industries that commonly use hydraulic scissor lift tables include woodworking, upholstered furniture manufacturing, metalworking, paper, printing and publishing, warehousing and distribution, heavy machinery and transportation. Below is our scissor lift table projects from our customer feedback.

scissor lift table application
hydraulic scissor table application
scissor car lift application
2-deck scissor car lift application


Improve Productivity – In palletizing and loading tasks, positioning the lift table at the optimum height for the specific task can reduce cycle times and improve the efficiency of the loading operation.


Wide Options – There are many options for how a scissor lift table lifts items, giving you the most flexibility to find the right model for the right area of your business.


Reduce Injuries – Scissor lift table provides a convenient method of lifting materials to the desired height. When properly implemented, scissor lifts can reduce the risk of acute injuries associated with heavy lifting.

Why Choose Us

Our scissor lift tables feature with high safety and durable quality to offer longer service time and minimum downtime. As a professional scissor lift manufacturer in northern China, we have sold thousands of scissor lifts to Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bangladesh, India, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Thailand, and so on. Safety features of our scissor lift tables are as follows.

Limit Switch:

Two units of travel switch are installed at the highest point of scissor lift structure as a safety guarantee.

Anti-Falling System (Optional):

This system can prevent the platform from falling down if any accident happens.

Safety Factor:

125% overload guarantee.
Spillover Valve:
It can adjust the pressure to prevent high pressure caused by platform moving up.

scissor lift table safety features
Stable Platform:

The platform has anti-skid surface with checkered plate which prevents crates, pallets or forklifts from moving during lifting process.

Emergency Decline Valve:

This valve can lower the platform down if emergency or power failure happens.

Explosion-Proof Valves:

This valve can lower the platform down if emergency or power failure happens.

Electromagnetic Lock (Optional):

Only when the platform door is locked can the scissor lift table start work.

Production Process

scissor table production process

Packing & Shipping

dimension measurement
Dimension Measurement
scissor lift table disassemble
scissor lift table packing
packing reinforcement
Packing Reinforcement
container loading
Container Loading
scissor table shipping


cargo lift certificates


  1. Introduction of scissor lifttable

Scissor lift table has a scissor structure which can extend and shrink powered by a hydraulic system. It is widely used in warehouse, factory, hospital, airport, hotel and many other places that require carrying goods, maintenance and installation. Our scissor lift tables can be customized in lifting height, load capacity, platform size and color.


  1. Scissor lift pictures

When buying a scissor lift, make sure that the photos provided by your supplier are clear and real. Take time to study them. The first impression is very important. A professional lift supplier will not offer you bad quality photos.


  1. Scissor lift certification

CE certification is necessary. You have to check the scissor lift certification from your supplier to make sure they are certified to manufacture or supply lifts.


  1. Scissor lift maintenance

Scissor lift maintenance shouldn’t be ignored as this will prolong the service time of the lift. We provide lifelong technical support for our lift products.

When buying a scissor lift table, please consider the following factors:

  1. Quality of a scissor lift table
  2. Lift working frequency
  3. Scope of use and rated capacity

Contact us before you buy a lift, and our lift engineer team is capable of giving you a perfect lift solution.

Scissor lift manufacturers can be differentiated by their lift making process and quality. Below is the lift manufacturing process from MOR LIFT.


  1. Rust removal

Good scissor lift manufacturers are supposed to thoroughly remove rust and achieve a certain degree of rough surface on steel. This makes the process of painting easier and paintings will not easily come out. Rust removal improves the adhesive power of a steel surface, increases the fatigue and corrosion resistance ability thus extending the service of a lift. The rust removal grade should be equivalent to Swedish rust removal standard level four.


  1. Anti-static plastic spraying painting advantage

Anti-static plastic spraying painting improves the appearance and quality of a hydraulic scissor lift. The surface coating of a metal that has been sprayed has outstanding qualities of being sturdy, durable, and is alkali-resistant than normal oil painting. The coating also has high performance. For instance, a lift that has been sprayed is mildew proof, salt fog proof and has insulating properties. The plastic spraying painting is environmentally friendly. It has no health risk to operating workers or painters. A well-painted scissor lift is easy to clean.

  1. Do not overload the lift.Each scissor table lift has its own safe load capacity, and the overload limiter or torque limiter is installed in the lift to prevent overloads. It should also be installed from the ceiling position to prevent excessive volume to pull off the rope.


  1. Replace the damagedwire rope timely to prevent accidents. The new wire rope should has the same type and size with the original one. If you use a different type, ensure that the new rope has equivalent lifting performance, and can match the drum and pulley groove.


  1. Rope twist should be consistent with the direction of the spiral groove rope reel. Single winding rope guide should be set up to prevent chaos of

Examine and maintain the lift weekly or monthly according to your use frequency.


(1) Check the platform connection pin nuts to make sure they are tight and intact.


(2) Check the hydraulic tubing to ensure that it is not ruptured and connectors have no leakage and are not loose.


(3) Check regularly to make sure that the power lines are connected well and there is no bareness on them.


(4) Make sure that all joints of controlling box are well fastened and the light is working properly.


(5) Check the electrical parts regularly. Also ensure that hydraulic valves block, control handle and the button can be operated easily.


(6) Make sure that the up-down limit switch is working normally.


(7) Ensure that the lubrication state of strut and cylinder pin roll is good and if not, put enough oil.


(8) Maintain a smooth glide path that is required in lubrication. Dry friction between wheel and the slide is forbidden.


  • Keep the pit clean and dry; clean upany moisture and other impurities.

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